I found your course to be very beneficial. You are a fantastic speaker.

Cara L.
Occupational Therapist
Monroeville, Pennsylvania

Gina dared to speak without Power Point but knew and loved her content so well; she spoke fluently, remaining on point. I would recommend her for any program within her area of expertise.

Marjorie G.
ASHA CE Administrator
Syracuse, New York

I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. I appreciated the simplicity of handouts with resources, a clear and articulate presentation that addressed the real life situations that clinicians face today and your delivery of the material.

Jennifer U.
Physical Therapist
Downers Grove, Illinois

You were the most valuable speaker at the conference. Thank you for changing our perspective on TBI.

Spouse of TBI Survivor
Burlington, Vermont

Your presentation was awesome. We were all commenting on how you kept everyone’s attention right to the very end….and no power point!

Stella H.
Physical Therapist
Manchester, New Hampshire

You renewed my clinical confidence and rejuvenated my spirit….you were such a breath of fresh air. I believe your passion made the difference.

Marla M.
Speech Pathologist
Charlotte, North Carolina

I attended your cog-comm conference and found it fresh and relevant. I loved all your stories.

Carol L.
Speech Pathologist
San Antonio, Texas

Your conference was so much fun, I learned a great deal from you. I know I will use the info you presented to us.

Becky W.
Speech Pathologist
Dallas, Texas

I thought your presentation was terrific and appreciated all the time you spent discussing treatment and application.

Erica G.
Speech Pathologist
St. Louis, Missouri

Your conference was excellent. The handout you made for us is very useful.

Cathy C.
Speech Pathologist
Columbia, Maryland

I am appreciative for the information that you distributed to us. It will certainly help make my practice more successful.

Dana M.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania