Schedule of Events

2017 Schedule


February 15, 2017 – “Brain Injury 101”.  Brain Injury Association of New Hampshire, Pleasant Street, Concord NH


March 10, 2017 – “Swallowing and Voice Dysfunction in the Patient With Suspected Reflux: The Role of the Speech/Language Pathologist”.  Sponsored by The New Hampshire Speech, Language and Hearing Association.  Courtyard Marriott, Manchester NH.


Wednesday August 23, 2017 – Holiday Inn, Concord NH

AM Workshop (8-12noon) – A Treatment Protocol for Acquired Oral Verbal Apraxia

PM Workshop (1-5pm) – Assessing Reflux and Its Impact on Voice and Swallowing


Wednesday September 27, 2017 – Holiday Inn, Concord NH

AM Workshop (8-12 noon) – A Protocol for Thickening Liquids Naturally


Tuesday October 24, 2017 – Holiday Inn, Concord NH

 AM Workshop (8-12 noon) – Resonant Voice Therapy for Muscle Tension Dysphonia

PM Workshop (1-5pm) – The Smart Phone Evaluation – Evaluating Higher Level Executive Cognitive Functions